(i.e. No more chips)

By Chris Krstanovic


I am sure you hate flying chips as much as I do! This is how I solved the problem for my mill vice:



(click on the pics to enlarge)


I have couple if these enclosures. The one in the pictures is for the smaller jobs. Made of Lexan, it is held on the vice by means of magnets from cabinet door latches. The two sides are hinged, and open for access to the work and the tool. During machining, the front is covered by another piece of Lexan, held to the vice by… you guessed it, a magnet. I also RTV-d some aluminum "gutters" to the side and rear Lexan. This keeps the chips from invading the hinge, and channel the coolant that is normally splattered on the sides down to the vice collecting gutter.


Does it catch every flying chip? Almost - I'd guess 1 out of 1000 may get out, even with mister air at full blast. Easy to clean wit a shop-vac, this is a very simple, and effective solution. A simple, single morning project J.